Video: Parenting

Pregnancy video A lot of people scratch their heads and wonder what they can do to keep their kids happy and healthy without spending lots of money. Dr Joe Kosterich talks about basic things that parents can do for their kids.

Watch the video Parenting.

Bonding with your baby during pregnancy

Pregnancy bonding Bonding with a baby during pregnancy refers to a process through which a pregnant woman experiences feelings and emotions for her foetus, interacts with her foetus and develops a maternal identity.

For more information, see Bonding With Your Baby During Pregnancy.


Breastfeeding During pregnancy, the mother’s breasts develop the capacity to produce milk. Breastfeeding provides nourishment to an infant. Breastfeeding helps develop the infant’s immune system and provides perfect nutrition. At least 6 months of exclusive breastfeeding is currently recommended.

For more information, see Breastfeeding.

Child development milestones

Developmental milestones in childhood The process of developing from a baby into a child requires the achievement of many milestones in language, physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. Most children will develop skills in roughly the same order, but this can occur at very different rates.

For more information, see Child Development Milestones.

Video: Bed wetting

Bed wetting video Bed wetting is very common, but people don’t tend to talk about it. Dr Joe Kosterich talks about bed wetting, including age and changes in urinary patterns, when to start getting children to be dry at night, how to help stop bed wetting, and when to see a doctor.

Watch the video Bed Wetting.

Television and children

Television in childhood In an increasingly screen-based society, the potential harmful effects of television on lifestyle and behaviour in infants and children of all ages need to be carefully monitored. There are several advantages to television viewing by children, including education and positive social messages, but there are also many disadvantages.

For more information, see Television and Childhood.

Gaming and childhood development

Gaming and childhood development In an increasingly screen-based society, the potential harmful effects of gaming on lifestyle and behaviour in children of all ages need to be carefully monitored. In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of games, both console games and online games.

For more information, see Gaming and Childhood Development.

Social networking site use in teenagers

Social networking sites use in teenagers In recent years, there has been an explosion in the number of online social networking sites and traffic to these sites. Despite the large number of adults and children alike embracing these online sites, little research has been done to date to examine the potential adverse effects.

For more information, see Social networking site use in teenagers.

Parent training

Parent training Parent training is a programme that is designed to help parents develop the skills necessary to manage their child’s behaviour and development. The techniques learnt in parent training allow parents to correctly identify, define and respond to dysfunctional and problematic childhood behaviour.

For more information, see Parent Training/Parent Therapy.

Parenting and social relationships

Parenting and social relationships An individual’s social environment, including the social relationships an individual makes within it, can have a profound impact on the quality of parenting, which in turn affects a child’s health development and future achievements.

For more information, see Parenting and Social Relationships.

Work life balance and parenting

Work life balance and parenting There are many challenges faced by men and women as they attempt to find and maintain a balance between work and parenting. While most families find it necessary for at least one parent to work in order to provide for the material needs and other desires, combining work and parenting can interfere with a working parent’s ability to dedicate sufficient time to their family.

For more information, see Work Llife Balance and Parenting.

Tips for spending more time with family

Tips for spending more time with family Spending time with the family doing enjoyable things together contributes to emotional health and wellbeing, but the past several decades have seen considerable changes in the ways and amount of time Australian families spend together.

For more information, see Tips for Spending More Time with Family.

Family therapy

Family therapy Family therapy, sometimes called family focus therapy or family systems therapy, is a type of psychological therapy that works to change the relationships within families to help them better deal with a wide range of problems.

For more information, see Family Therapy.

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