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You’ve got Questions

We know there are some questions out there about the COVID-19 vaccines.

To help answer some of those common questions, the WA Government has teamed up with a string of local experts for this “You’ve Got Questions” series. We would like to address the myths about the COVID-19 vaccines.


You’ve got Questions with Dr Nikki Stamp

Heart surgeon, Dr Nikki Stamp, sets the record straight on a few common concerns about the COVID-19 vaccines, including myocarditis and other side effects.


You’ve got Questions with Dr Dan McAullay

Nurse and epidemiologist, Dr Dan McAullay, wants to bust the many myths circulating in the community about the COVID-19 vaccines.


You’ve got Questions with Dr Chris Blyth

With more than 20 years’ experience working on infections and vaccines, Dr Chris Blyth has the answers to some pressing questions about COVID-19 vaccines.


You’ve got Questions with Dr Tinashe & Preevy

Husband and wife health workers, Dr Tinashe Chinzou and nurse Preevy, know the impact COVID-19 can have on medical staff caring for patients and why vaccination is so important.


You’ve got Questions with Dr Katie Atwell

Social scientist and policy expert, Dr Katie Attwell, understands why some people are still hesitant to get a COVID-19 vaccine. She explains why it is safe and necessary.


You’ve got Questions with Dr Karl

Want to cut through the misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines? Dr Karl answers some of the most common questions with good old-fashioned facts.


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