Calculate your asthma score to determine how well your treatments are controlling your asthma. The test is suitable for over 12 year olds. It considers how often you experience asthma symptoms and use medications to control them, as well as the severity of symptoms and how they impact on your life. Your doctor may use your asthma score to determine whether the medicine you are using is effective.

Asthma Score

Welcome to Asthma Score

Do you really know what your level of asthma control is?
Knowing your Asthma Score can be the first step to better asthma control - or maybe even a life free from asthma symptoms.

What's your Asthma Score?

During the past 4 weeks:
Question 1 How often did your asthma prevent you from getting as much done at work, school or home?
 All of the time  Most of the time  Some of the time  A little of the time  Not at all
Question 2 How often have you had shortness of breath?
 More than once a day  Once a day  3 to 6 times a week  Once or twice a week  Not at all
Question 3 How often did your asthma symptoms wake you up at night or earlier than usual?
 4 or more times a week  2 to 3 nights a week  1 night a week  Less than 1 night a week  Not at all
Question 4 How often have you used your blue puffer or reliever medication?
 3 or more times a day  1 or 2 times per day  2 or 3 times per week  Once a week or less  Not at all
Question 5 How would you rate your asthma control?
 Not controlled at all  Poorly controlled  Somewhat controlled  Well controlled  Completely controlled
  Add up each score to get the total.


Bullseye - Congratulations! You have TOTAL CONTROL of your asthma. You have no symptoms and no asthma related limitations. See your doctor if this changes.


On Target - Your asthma may be well controlled but not TOTALLY CONTROLLED. Your doctor may be able to help you aim for TOTAL CONTROL.


Off Target - Your asthma may be poorly controlled. Your doctor can recommend an asthma action plan to help improve your asthma control.

Even if you are happy with your level of asthma control, it is important that you make an appointment with your doctor.
This information will be collected for educational purposes, however it will remain anonymous.

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