Dr Graeme Hankey introduces the Virtual Neuro Centre.


Hello, I’m Dr Graeme Hankey, Consultant Neurologist and Head of the Stroke Unit at Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia. I’m the Medical Director of the Virtual Neurology Centre and have over 20 years of neurological experience and I work with a number of leading neurologists around Australia, to ensure the information on the Virtual Neuro Centre is up to date and more importantly is practical, useful and relevant to both treating medical practitioners and patients suffering from conditions related to the nervous system.

Neurological conditions are common in the Australian population and if left to progress can have debilitating and life threatening consequences. If diagnosed early, stroke and epilepsy and meningitis, to name a few, can all be effectively treated.

Patients can use the Virtual Neuro Centre to familiarise themselves with some of the common symptoms of these conditions so they can care for themselves and loved ones, seeking advice from a health professional, before the condition has progressed.

Professionals will also find the Virtual Neuro Centre invaluable to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field, as a point of reference and to ensure efficient promotion of public health issues. That is why information on the Virtual Neuro Centre is important for holistic patient care across all disease areas.

Membership to the Virtual Medical Centre is free and available to medical professionals and health consumers, to allow for different information needs. As a medical professional you can gain access to our secure information provided for the medical fraternity. Members receive breaking news alerts, regular informative newsletters and medical professionals can request free posters and brochures for their waiting rooms.

Just click the Join Now button on the site and become a member of the Virtual Medical Centre and become a part of a group of professionals and health consumers, accessing the latest medical information. Thank you for your time.

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